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Re: Interested in family history?

Would love to ask a question, thank you! There is a burial for Margaret Garnett at St. James churchyard 21 March 1910, aged 94. This may match my 3rd great grandmother(age, death date match), maiden name of Etherington, who married Henry Garnett and lived in Ferry Hill before she died. (17km away) Wondering why if this is my relative? and why she is buried here? My Margaret's daughter Margaret Annie lived in Carleton Iron Works with her husband William Robert Wardle. So, back to original Margaret Garnett, can't find husband Henry Garnett's burial either. Just wonder if there is another Garnett buried there as well. Thank you , Cathy

Re: Interested in family history?

Hello Cathy,

Short answer is yes in that it is the relict of Henry Garnett and we have the gravemarker to thank.

Margaret widow of the late Henry Garnett of Ferryhill b. 24 Apl 1815 d. 21 Mar 1910 also Robert Wright husband of Maria Wright and g'son of the above b. 21 Oct 1858 d. 7 July 1906.

There are other identifiers which may 'cement' what you have already discovered about your family:-

Margaret's abode is given as Thorpe Leazes and Robert's as Eastmoor Lea Farm Framwillgate Durham in the burial register.

John Wright born Coxhoe, Co. Durham was farming Thorpe Leazes from at least 1891 so clearly Wright's were farming stock.

It is also interesting that the Wardle's were licenced victuallers. The Royal Hotel, Carlton Iron Works (now Stillington) being leased to William Robert Wardle from February 1895.

Keep smiling ... Paul

Re: Interested in family history?

Hi Paul
Thank you so much! I really appreciate you looking up the info and emailing back. It's amazing how much info can be on one gravestone. I'm trying to find the burial places of relatives and maybe one day will be able to visit them and leave a token of remembrance. (I'm in Canada)
Really appreciate your help! Cathy

Re: Interested in family history?

Hi Paul
I have another favour to ask, hope that's ok? Same cemetery ? but concerning a different part of my family. I've noticed that there are 3 burials at St James Churchyard: 1. Maria Stone buried 16 Feb 1933 age 80 y. 2. David Stone buried 8 Sept 1896 age 16 mo. 3. Lucy Stone buried 18 Oct 1899 age 22y. Are these 3 all on one stone? and would you happen to know of the stone inscription? I'm wondering if this is 1. Maria Ayley who married Alfred Stone and if 2. and 3. are her children. #2 David I didn't know about but #3 is correct name and age and death date. Maria lived in Woodside in 1901 census but by 1911 census was in Egton, North Yorkshire. Many thanks for your help.

Re: Interested in family history?

Hi Cathy,

I think ‘never be afraid of asking’ is always a good start. You may not get the answer you want but at least you have made the effort to ask.

As you correctly state Alfred and Maria where at Egton on the night of the 1911 Census but they were simply visiting their recently widowed daughter Ellen Eliza. (John James, Sarah Jane and Lilian Kate living in their parents’ home in Thorpe Thewles). With Ellen Eliza having four children (9,6,3 and 9 months) she would have appreciated their help.

Alfred and Maria had 12 children but unfortunately none were baptised at St James’, Thorpe Thewles.

I too have made the link of Alfred Stone marrying Maria Ayley between Oct-Dec 1867 in Ongar Registration District in the county of Essex.

Unfortunately I can not recall gravemarker(s) existing for these burials and I have checked against the burial survey we did and this confirms my memory.

Of the burials you list the abode of the deceased is entered as Thorpe Thewles except for Lucy where it is Woodend.

I can report that Alfred also rests in the graveyard. His burial was on 24th July 1925. The reason why you have not located it is due to the fact he is entered under Stones.

Frederick and Annie Stone also rest in the graveyard and have a gravemarker which reads ‘Treasured memories of my dear husband also Annie, wife of the above’ with their dates of death and ages respectively (Frederick 10th July 1958 78years, Annie 16th Dec 1970 88 years). Burial register has Frederick of 5 Railway Cottages, Stillington formerly of Thorpe Thewles and Annie of 17 Eden Drive, Sedgefield).

I hope this helps.

Keep smiling … Paul

Re: Interested in family history?

Hi again Paul
Thanks so much for the info! Incredible! I'd been looking for them for quite a while. Just to summarize, Maria Stone is buried there but there is no gravestone? How unusual that Maria's husband is listed under Stones, wonder what family memeber gave the info or maybe just a human error. I'd love to make a donation to your group, I'm so appreciative. (and I'm in Canada, are you set up for that? or I could mail a money order?)
Many thanks, Cathy