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Information requested about the Hutchinson family of Thorpe Thewles


I have found the listings of Agnes , George , Mary and Thomas Hutchinson on TTHG's St. James Churchyard Survey page of this web site and would be interested to know more details about these people.

George Hutchinson born 1805 died 1863.
Agnes (his wife) born 1804 died 1894.

Does anyone you have any record of their marriage or George's birth and the name of his father and mother or any relatives? Also what was Agnes's maiden name? Any further information you have would be brilliant.

I am aware of the following children of George and Agnes. Where there any more?

Elizabeth born 1841
Edward born 1844
Mary born 1847
Thomas born 1850

Born in Thorpe, and in1861 lived in Newburn Street? George’s occupation in1841 was labourer and then in 1851 a plait layer. I assume this was to do with the railway? He disappears off the 1871 census.

Many thanks


Re: Information requested about the Hutchinson family of Thorpe Thewles

Hi Wendy,

Edward is also interred within St James.

As you are likely aware Elizabeth married Anthony Dinsdale in 1863 at Christ Church, West Hartlepool (one near Hartlepool train station) and had 8 children.

Regarding the burials - vicars name in brackets
George aged 58,9th Oct 1863 died 5th Oct of Hartlepool (William Cassidi)
Thomas aged 24,19th Oct 1874 died 15th Oct of West Hartlepool (William Cassidi)
Mary aged 31,29 Jan 1878 died 27th Jan of Wallsend (Thomas Varley of Stillington)
Edward aged 35, 12 Sep 1878 died 9th Sep of Wallsend (William Cassidi)
Agnes aged 90, 18th Jun 1894 died 15th Jun of Spennymoor (Herbert A V Boddy)

1891 Agnes @103 Low Strattow St, Whitworth, Spennymoor with Anthony & Elizabeth
1881 Hedley's Buildings, Merrington Lane, Merrington with Anthony & Elizabeth
1871 3 Newburn Street, Stranton, West Hartlepool with Mary & Thomas (Edward @ 5 Seven Street, Wallsend)
1861 @ Newburn St, Stranton, West Hartlepool although may be no.3 rather than no.1 see schedules 233 (no.1 Newburn St) and 234 (no.5 Newburn St)

Note Hannah Snaith living with them in 1861.

George Hutchinson married Agnes Snaith on 13th May 1837 (pre civil registration) at Grindon

Baptised at Grindon (dates are baptiam not birth)

Edward 16th Jul 1843
Mary 21st Feb 1847

Baptised at Holy Trinity (date baptism not birth)

Thomas 5th May 1850

All the baptisms were performed by William Cassidi.

More later.

Keep Smiling ... Paul

Re: Information requested about the Hutchinson family of Thorpe Thewles

Hi Wendy,

Bit more

Robert Snaith married Elizabeth Tate on 25th May 1786 at Grindon (Elizabeth was of Trimdon).
Children baptised at Grindon
John 11th Aug 1787
Mary 13th Sep 1789
Ralph 9th Apr 1791
Hannah 23rd Mar 1794
Robert 1st Apr 1797
Thomas 8th May 1800 (born 7th May 1800) – 4th son
William 23rd Jan 1803 (born 12th Jan 1803) – 5th son
Agnes 6th May 1805 (born 5th May 1805) – 3rd daughter
You will note from the baptism entries that all the 8 children were baptised at Grindon.

Robert was the son of John and Hannah and was baptised on 28th Sep 1751 at Grindon as was buried on 9th Dec 1838 at Grindon by William Withers Ewbank
John Snaith married Hannah Harrison at Grindon 5th May 1747.
Believe that this John was baptised in Grindon in 1727, however this will take some unravelling as “your” John may be originally of another parish.


Re: Information requested about the Hutchinson family of Thorpe Thewles


There is a George Hutchinson recorded in Grindon baptism records for 16th February1805. His father is listed as Edward Hutchinson and his mother as Mary Moor.

Its possible that Paul will have more on the above.

All the best