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Hodgson's Mineral Waters of Thorpe Thewles

Has anyone ever come across any embossed glass or glazed stoneware mineral water bottles bearing the names of William, James and/or James John Hodgson of Thorpe Thewles in County Durham? As I understand it this family had no connection with the William Hodgson of Hodgson and Downs. The latter partnerships operated a similar mineral water business at around the same time in nearby Stockton-on-Tees and are known to have sold their products in personalised bottles.

Between 1871 and 1881 the Hodgson family of Thorpe Thewles were variously described in Trade Directories and Census Returns as manufacturers of mineral, soda plus aerated water and lemonade. It would appear that they operated this business from the Vane Arms pub/hotel plus one of the two adjacent cottages. The Hodgson family ran the Vane Arms from c.1858 until at least 1881.

Is it likely that such a mineral water business of this period and location would have invested in their own personalised bottles in which to sell their products or would they have been more likely to have used none personalised bottles?

If anyone has any further information relating to the Hodgson’s business or has details plus images of their bottles it would be great to here from them. Ultimately if such bottles exist and are available I would like to obtain examples of them for exhibition at one of our group’s local history exhibitions.

If you can help me with any of the above please drop me a line.

Thanks in advance

Mark Smith