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European school.VERY IMPORTANT

The bad news is we no longer have permission to use the European School.This is apparently due to very slow progress between the new school management and the Education council in getting the terms of their lease sorted. It may be that in a few months time they are sorted and perhaps it will be possible.At the moment though we have no permission to use it.
For the time being though, we need alternative sites, so for tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6th Sept we will be using the lock site as it is still just about shootable, long grass wise. On Sunday, 10th Sept we will be using a stubble field offered to us very kindly by Bernie Wallis, which he is happy for us to use through to November. The field is just this side,(Clifton Hampden side), of the railway line on the opposite side of the road to Culham station, where the people stop to watch trains. Parking is either at the top where the train watchers park or down the bottom of the short track to the field.
In the meantime, other options are being investigated. Bertie is enquiring about land in Long Wittenham, Emma has been offered a field in Culham, (Grass too long at the moment) and we are also looking at the plausibility of renting appropriate land and having it cut periodically. At least though we have some stop gap alternatives, so our programme of shoots can continue ok.
Ray/Richard,if we find Bernie`s field suitable to continue shooting, or wherever else, other than the lock site, we will need to add the locations to our policy with our insurers.