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Something fishy this way comes...

On a website,some guy stated that the "Snorks got their start overseas". I doubt it, but anyway is that an authentic Snork fact or is this person giving out phony info?

By the way, here's the adress

Re: Something fishy this way comes...

Actually, I did find a mistake on that page. The Snorks did not last for one year, as stated on the website -- they actually lasted for four. This explains why some episodes are dated 1985, 1987, and 1988.

As for the overseas origins, the Snorks did indeed originate overseas -- I still am leaning towards 1974 as their start date, although this still has yet to be etched in stone. 1982 was the year the pilot episode was made, and there are rumors that they were created in 1981, although other rumors cite that they go all the way back to 1974...remember, experimental sketches count as well!