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Favorite episodes?

Episode guide

Which are your favorite episodes?


1. Never Cry Wolffish. The gang goes fish watching, and Dimmy saves the baby fish. Features the great line from Dimmy "If I told you once, I told you a thousand times - I NEVER exaggerate....much"

2. Me Jojo, you Daffney. Daffney goes to the ball with Jojo, Dimmy shows up riding the wild fish to win her back. Features the great line from Dimmy "I don't know Allstar, maybe [Daffney] would rather go bowling!"

3. The littlest mermaid. Dimmy and Casey meet a little mermaid, while Dr. Strangesnork tries to take her scales. Features the great line from Dimmy to the mermaid "err you could stay with me!" Guess by then he was not with Daffney at that time.

4. Jr.'s Occupuppy. Shows how Occy used to belong to Junior

5. Old Shell game. Allstar, Dimmy, and Occy houssit for the old lady. Features the great line from Dimmy "I hate to see good food go to waste!" and the equally great line from Allstar "But looks like you don't mind it going to your waist!"

Re: Favorite episodes?

My favorite episodes were:

1)Snorky Mania, cause I found Dimmy's lines in it funny and what he did with Junior at the end was humorous.

2)All that Glitters is Not Goldfish, cause Eli was the coolest villain and the episode was so unpredictable!

3)Learn to Love Your Snork, cause that one kinda shows how much Allstar and Casey like eachother.

4)Junior's Secret, cause seeing Junior's reactions after having found out that his stuffed turtle was delivered to the toy drive by Willie was comical especially when he attempts to get it back and fails to do so.

I also like alot of other ones too.

Re: Favorite episodes?

Snorky mania was great!

Basically, all episodes where Dimmy takes center stage are great. Episodes with Occy are mostly great too. Episodes without bad-guy Junior, with Bigweed, or too much Daffney are the worst.

Re: Favorite episodes?

Well, every episode mentioned so far was great. (Old Shell Game & All That Glitters are two of my personal faves) I also loved "The Whole Toot" and "A Hard Day's Snork". Both episodes had lots of great jokes, and seeing Tooter dressed like Michael Jackson in "A Hard Day's Snork" was a riot.

(What can I say? I like Tooter.)

Re: Favorite episodes?


Re: Favorite episodes?

Again... the stuff Dimmy_fan kept saying about Dimmy.

Mine are:
The Old Shell Game - The food line... also how Dimmy doesn't return for the remainder of the episode after he's instructed to call the cops, and how the cops never show either. also the parrotfish going "whoo boy, coo coo!" at Mrs Buckfish talking about her 'babies'.

Reefberry Madness- 420 in Snorkland. That is all.

The Blue Coral Necklace- At first I didn't care for this episode but after over analysing like I do with everything, it was hilarious how 1) All-star steals his mom's necklace to give to his girlfriend, 2) He puts said necklace on Occy instead. 3) Also the part where they're at the diner and he just sets the ice cream cone on the floor for no apparent reason.

Never Cry Wolfish- "I hope that's not my stomach 'cause, I don't wanna eat again!!"

Time Out for Sissies- those bikers... hahaha! Poor Junior. Even though this is more of an observation than a reason I liked this episode, for someone who eats like a whale, Dimmy looks awfully nice in tights! Had to throw that in.

Junior's Secret- I felt so bad for Junior :c I wanted him to get his seaturtle back.

Snork in a Gilded Cage- This episode was hilarious! That part where All-Star gets spanked makes me laugh so hard.

The Story Circle- Two high school boys arguing about a campfire story. Then All-Star smacking Junior in the face. "Prince!"

The Day They Changed Junior - This was an over all fun episode. I d'awwwed at the ending.

The whole toot- "Tooter's not handicapped he's SPECIAL"

Re: Favorite episodes?

Gee, let me think about it for a second. I've got plenty.

1. Snorkymania - Dimmy was great in it, and you just can't beat the ending. I also loved how Junior and Occy were both affected by the red goop and they started liking each other again, plus when Junior laughed "I failed!" near the end

2. Which Snork Snitched - I especially loved the ending where Junior and Governor Wetworth get inked

3. A Snorking We Will Go - "We're LOST!" and "So much for modern conveniences!"

4. Snorkdance - Junior going to the Prom disguised as Tooter was really funny

5. Allstar's Double Trouble - I thought it was hilarious how Allstar was freaking out over having two dates on the same night - the movies with Samantha and the dance with Casey

6. The Whole Toot - I love the overall message it has ("Tooter's not handicapped, he's special")

7. Learn to Love Your Snork - I felt bad for Casey during the episode, but I like how writer Misty Stewart-Taggert expanded on the Allstar and Casey relationship here

8. Junior's Octopuppy - Pretty much the overall backstory of how Occy used to belong to Junior

9. The Shape Of Snorks To Come - A look into the future if Junior went overboard as Governor

10. The Ugly Yuckfish - Yucky was so cute, and I really enjoyed the ending

11. Reefberry Madness - It's pretty funny how there were all these anti-drug PSAs back when this episode first aired yet this episode totally centers around getting high =P

12. Chills, Drills and Spills - Drilling for oil is awful, and I really like this episode because the snorks try to stop the humans from drilling in the ocean (and when Casey yells "Johnson, get out here now!" in a man's voice)

13. Summer and Snork - I love how the episode centers around the theatre, and I especially love the various references to Broadways plays

14. Big City Snorks - This episode really took the Snorks to a whole new level, plus I loved it when Corky asked "What's a hotel?"... too bad the rest of Season 4 goes downhill after this episode

15. Wish Or Wish Out - I enjoyed watching Willie turn big (literally), Casey becoming Super Casey, and Allstar acting just like Occy

Other favorite episodes I have include Junior's Secret, Allstar's Allstar Band, Me JoJo You Daffney, Never Cry Wolf-Fish (for obvious reasons), Allstar's Freshwater Adventure, The Longest Shortcut, Taming of the Snork, The Boo Lagoon (because of Junior's greediness), Allstar's Odyssey, Rhyme and Punishment (despite its "Junior and Daffney" hints), The Story Circle, and I'll Be Senior.