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Very Disappointing!

I was trying to find out if anyone who remembers the snorks had ever made any downloadable snork games since I'd seen one too many involving the Smurfs. I'm salted cuase there ain't any. The only downloadable game that has something about the snorks is some game called Blip and Blop. Sadly, in that game, you only destroy the snorks and other characters aggressivly and it ain't pretty! Is that the only downloadable game that has something to do with the Snorks? Try searching and see for youself. I swear, that's probably the only thing you'd find if you are looking for snork downloads.

Re: Very Disappointing!

Ah yes, that game. I was turned off by the game's description, and I have no intentions of playing that. Heck, I wouldn't touch it with a 50-foot pole.

Not counting that thing, I've never seen ANY game, downloadable or otherwise, involving the Snorks. It's a shame, because I could see real promise in a Snork game. Just picture it: one level where you'd control Corky's sub, another where you have to swim away from a Snork-eater, another where you'd have to go on land...

...boy, do I wish I knew how to program games.

Re: Very Disappointing!

I remember that game. I was disgusted by the content it had, especially when it took my work and turned it into something bad...I had to have a website shut down because it was using my content in a very evil way.

However, on a happier note, I did make some tiles for some various Mah Jongg games released from 1993 to the present...nothing violent there, but the object was to remove matching tiles from a dragon, the tiles being Snorks.

Re: Very Disappointing!

Wow, that's neat! I haven't played Mah Johng in ages. Heck, I don't even remember how to spell it!

Re: Very Disappointing!

Yeah I haven't played Mah Jongg for quite some time myself, but Quasisp, if you don't mind me asking, why the heck did those people who made Blip and Blop use your work and turned it into to absolute garbage and most importantly, what are Blip and Blop, the characters themselves supposed to be anyway? Those two things look really weird to me!

Re: Re: Very Disappointing!

I'm not sure why. While none of my actual work was damaged, it is a shame that people like that would leave such a nasty scar on the Snorks. This is one reason why I quit going to -- the same thing was happening to me there...

Re: Very Disappointing!

I was just on the website from the creators of Blip and Blop and the site hasen't been updated since 2003. I think the folks responsible for the site are no longer updating it from the looks of it. To me that game has not only crude content, but I also found the plot-line of the game very stupid. I'll always fail to understand why this was such a popular download. The jokes in it aren't even funny. The game got one too many good reveiws, but I suppose that people are so into shoot'em up games these days. You see games sold in stores like Grand Theft Auto becoming best sellers because it's a voilent game.

Now as for what Ryan was saying about programing games, I have had thoughts of making a downloadable Snorks game since I have a program for making games and other stuff. I recall posting something on this site about me working on a game. I canceled it though, not because it was bad, but I lost interest in it. I found the story line I made for it too simple and not well thought out. I thought of coming up with something more appealing-a Myst or Riven like game about the Snorks (One of those mystery games in case you don't know what Myst and Riven are). When I come up with a completely well thought story, I'll be sure to post more info about it in a different post. For now, I'm still thinking about what could I write for a plot-line, game controls and what role will the snorks take part in. I'll probably bang my head against the wall for hours thinking! (Just fooling about that last part )

Re: Very Disappointing!

I don't think there's anything wrong with shoot-em-up games (in fact, GTA: Vice City is one of my favorite games); it's just that the Snorks don't fit in with that kind of game at all.

Hmm, what would the storyline of a Snorks game be? Maybe one of Junior's crazy get-rich-quick schemes got way out of hand? Maybe Dr. Strangesnork is terrorizing Snork Land? Maybe someone kidnapped Occy? Well, if I think of any really good ideas, I'll let you know.

Re: Very Disappointing!

Well, Thanks, Ryan. I could use some good ideas for my games, especially yours. For now I am testing the controls to make my snork games so I can make the game play like in the Myst series. I wish I could make 3D images, though. Oh, well.

Re: Very Disappointing!

No prob, Mariana. Always glad to help!

Re: Very Disappointing!

I just finished setting up the controls. Now all I need is a good plot. However, there is a catch: I won't start working on the game until the summer!(School work ) but if you have some ideas, you can still post them if you want.

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