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Favorite Villain and why?

Who's your favorite villain in the Snorks? I think I'll say the villain I liked the most was Eli from All That Glitters Is Not Goldfish. I liked how he could pretend to be a good guy then demonstrate how nasty he was. I was thinking in saying the Ice Wizard because he could turn the snorks' hearts cold in seconds, except for one thing. The Ice Wizard looks like my math teacher. But anyway, which villain did you like the most and why?

Re: Favorite Villain and why?

Yeah, I like Eli too. He started out as so nice, but turned around and was so nasty. Totally unexpected, and it made "All That Glitters" one of the best episodes of the fourth season. Shame he only got one appearance.

I also liked Junior a lot; he was the kind of guy you love to hate, and a lot of his get-rich-quick schemes were funny. I didn't like how he mellowed out in the third season, but what are you gonna do, eh?