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How well known/how unknown are the Snorks?

Okay, I'm not the only one who notices that there are tons of folks who do not know what a snork is and there are people who do. The question is how well known do you think the Snorks are overall? I don't mean to sound like a pesimist, but truthfully I think there are more people who don't remember the Snorks than people who do. In fact to be honest, I think that no one's gonna see anything new reguarding the Snorks in any point in the future because of how many forgot. Here's an example that sound familiar. When you talk to anyone about the snorks, someone would say "hey, I remember those things" while another would say "I don't know what you're talking about". I find a lot more folks who can't remember the cartoon at all and less of those who do.

Yep, sounds to me like the snorks are down the gutter big time! The majority of folks say they don't know the Snorks and this is definately not the first time I have said this.

Re: How well known/how unknown are the Snorks?

Sadly, I don't think the Snorks are too well-known. Many people will probably forever think of this show as a Smurf-clone (an undeserved title, IMO), which hurts its popularity. The Snorks are definitely under-appreciated; there are many great Smurf sites out there, but the only great Snork one is, well...this one. When I started wearing Snork pins to school, only half of the people I knew recognized the characters! And while there's a good amount of Snork fanart out there, it annoys me that after over a year of searching I've only been able to find four Snork fanfics...

...all of them my own.

I still have some hope for a comeback, or at least a DVD release of the original show, but there's probably a better chance of me getting a date with Daffney than either of those things happening.

Re: How well known/how unknown are the Snorks?

Like I once said, we all have the mindless folks who compare the two shows to thank for the amount of folks who don't remember. There's just one thing I just can't seem to get: Those who don't remember the snorks actually believe these brainless people who call the snorks a smurf rip-off and it's clear to me that they have no idea of what they are saying as they compare (okay, trying to) and people foolishly fall for it. That's the reason why many don't know the snorks. All because of a bunch of people who spend their sweet time talking nonsense and nothing they say makes any sense whatsoever about how the shows are similar. I guess it does pay to talk trash and get away with even if it's all in childish stupidity. It is really lame for a batch of people to forget the snorks for that. Now as for a comeback to refresh anyone's memories, I'm begining to suppose it is possible, so let's just hope the rumors about this "snorks movie" are NOT just rumors.
Ofcourse, you never know.

Re: How well known/how unknown are the Snorks?

Yes, it's incredible how falsehoods like that could completely ruin something's credibility. I’m sure hoping that Snorks movie is a reality, but I have a bad feeling that it ain’t gonna happen. (I have read of a Smurf movie that’s supposed to be out in 2008, but I’ve found nothing about a Snork movie of any kind)

Well, at least there's SOME people who know the truth about the Snorks, and care about them enough to create fan sites, art and fiction for our underwater friends. And we can be eternally grateful for them.

Re: How well known/how unknown are the Snorks?

Now that I think about it, Ryan, if you read some of my comments in response to the post asking about a new series posted by OrangeRanger, I've said that I was in plenty of doubt of this snorks film. I mentioned that I was looking up the info and found nothing myself. I don't mean to sound like I'm pointing fingers at anyone, but when Quasisp responed to that same post, he was the one who brought that up about the "snorks movie in the works". Not that he'd be lying though, but I was certain that he must have mixed the snorks with the smurfs. After his comment, I posted that he might have made a mistake and I wondered where did he hear about the Snorks. I even metioned that I tried looking for more details about it and didn't find anything at all. I was hoping that he would give another response as to what I said and talk more about where he got this rumor from, but he hasn't said anything after posting his only comment in that one post. That was all.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not mad at Quasisp or anything. Just wanna know where did he hear about a snorks movie. It's easier for me to just see the sources for me to believe it and I hope he tells us where he got this info to begin with. I'll keep a close eye for where he got the rumor. However, it's possible that there has been a mistake. Who knows?

Re: How well known/how unknown are the Snorks?

Yeah, I remember that quote. I also wonder where he heard that.

Maybe he did get it confused with the Smurfs. If so, oh well. Maybe someday the Snorks'll get a movie...

Re: How well known/how unknown are the Snorks?

Actually Ryan, I just e-mailed Quasisp just now and he told me that he found out about this snorks film on a snorks site. The problem is that I don't know which website that was, but overall the movie is a rumor, so no, he did not mistake the snorks for the smurfs. Just hear it from someone else!

Re: How well known/how unknown are the Snorks?

Well, that's good. It gives me some hope that it might not be just a rumor. You know I'll be hoping for the best!

Re: How well known/how unknown are the Snorks?

Yep, I'm so keeping my fingers crossed!
But, back to what we said about the guys who compare the snorks to the smurfs. Not only do I find their excuses very irrelivant and wishy-washy, but I'm beginning to think that they really don't want anyone to like or remember the snorks. They always seem to get angry at anyone who makes positive opinions about it and they always seem to want everyone to like the smurfs and agree that the snorks are a rip-off. I've read a ton of quotes that gave me that impression, and I think that they are very fanatical over the smurfs. That's probably one of the other reasons why the smurfs are so much more famous.

In other words, if the reason for the snorks being less well known is because these people who compare the two shows want and expect everyone to think that it's a knock out to the smurfs and they expect everyone to agree with that, then I think that they are weird! People have the right to enjoy something more than another if they want to, so who do they think they are to tell them what to think and what not to?

Perhaps that's another reason why this is a result for the popularity of the snorks. Does what I said make sense or am I confusing you?

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