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Just out of Curiousity...

I wonder how do the snorks breathe both in and out of water. I guessed that they have the snorkels to breathe out of water and gills to breathe while they are in the water. Truthfully I still don't get how the heck do they do it in the first place. Does anyone know how their breathing works?

Re: Just out of Curiousity...

It was never explained, but I do have a theory. In the first two seasons, it seemed like all they could breathe was seawater; in "Allstar's Freshwater Adventure", Allstar got sick from breathing in too much fresh water. In the last two, it seemed like they could go ANYWHERE and not have any problems breathing.

I think that when Snorks are born, they can only breathe seawater. But as they get older (probably in their teens), their bodies change so that they can also breathe on land. Kind of like how a frog stays in water through its early stages of life.

Man, I spend WAY too much time thinking about this show...