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The Snorks parody in Family Guy!!

Hi, my name is Fran, sorry for my English, I'm Spanish. This forum is great, a surprise to find it!

Good, I was meaning that I seen a parody of The Snorks in the animation series "Family Guy" jaja

I leave a Screencap:


Re: The Snorks parody in Family Guy!!

Oh God yes, I saw that! That was so hilarious!

I didn't think Family Guy would ever get around to making a Snork joke. Of course, it had to air the one night I was out of town. My cousin told me about it the next day, and I thought he was making a joke with me. Imagine my shock when I learned he was serious. But I now have the episode on DVD, so now I can see it whenever I want.

Re: The Snorks parody in Family Guy!!

Yep, seen it too and boy when I saw it, I couldn't believe it! Sure was surprising.

Re: The Snorks parody in Family Guy!!

By the way, I know this is a strange question, but who was the girl Allstar was flirting with anyway? I was thinking at first it was Casey, but for one the voice didn't sound like hers (not the original Casey voice) and two, it was the way she dressed (not the way she dressed on the actual snorks series) so I was assuming that it was a different female snork. She did look more or less like Casey.

Re: The Snorks parody in Family Guy!!

It was Casey's twin sister, Lacey! There's the real reason Allstar and Casey stopped dating!

In all honesty, I think it was supposed to be Casey. Perhaps B.J. Ward (who played Casey) was unavailable, so the Family Guy people had to get the next best thing...Nancy Cartwright, the one who provided Daffney's voice.

Well, at least they got the original Allstar.

Re: Re: The Snorks parody in Family Guy!!

Actually, I have this reason why B. J. Ward might not have been available -- she might have been too busy with her opera production at the time.

What is odd is that a different actress was not used at the time...I'm surprized Kath Soucie (who voiced Sally Acorn) or Mindy Cohn (the current voice of Velma on Scooby Doo) didn't do the voice of Casey instead in this of those actors could have done the voice to also match Casey's original voice, even though Soucie would have made Casey sound like her voice lowered in pitch, sounding almost like Sally Acorn...

As for what Casey wore...I have a feeling that the producers may have forgotten what the main characters looked like at the time...

Re: The Snorks parody in Family Guy!!

hi i seen it three times and i laugh my head off every time i see it i even remeber the lines alright doug we are the bestest friends since the snorks gee casey iam really having great time tonight you all star you are not like the other snorks who only want one thing opps clumsey me and she spills the wine and oh iam telling too much you have to watch it your self just look for the epiesode titled brian the bachular

Re: The Snorks parody in Family Guy!!

oh when you see the snorks parody you are going to laugh so hard