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Negative Comments people make about the Snorks

Boy, everytime I try looking at anything about the Snorks, the only comments I see popping up are "smurf-rip-off", "Smurf copy", "similar to the Smurfs",etc. One thing I know the folks who write these things keep saying this about the Snorks, but they don't state how so are the snorks a smurf copy or their comment is irrelevant and don't make any sense (when they say stuff like their snorkels look like Smurf hats) Plus they talk about the Snorks and the Smurfs like they are real when they should be mature enough to say they're JUST CARTOONS! I know people are entitled to their opinion, but what good is having one if there's no detail to support it? To me, the Snorks are barely even similar to the Smurfs (since they come in any color you can think of and that they don't live or talk the way the Smurfs do) and I admit it's not the first time I say this. When I read comments by people who say the Snorks are "totally different from the Smurfs", these comments make more sense. I just wonder, WHAT IS GOING ON IN PEOPLE'S MINDS? Ugh...are they okay?

Re: Negative Comments people make about the Snorks

The Snorks aren't real? Darn, all those hours hanging out at the beach for nothing! Next you'll tell me the Wuzzles don't exist either!

In all honesty though, I hate how people keep comparing the two shows. Anyone who thinks the Snorks are a Smurf-ripoff just isn't paying attention. The Smurfs are blue creatures who live on land during the Middle Ages, while the Snorks are multicolored creatures who live underwater during modern times (or at least the mid-80s). The Smurfs wear mostly the same outfits, the Snorks have a wide variety. The Snorks also had more female characters.

Yep, mighty similar all right.

Re: Negative Comments people make about the Snorks

Yep, shows how smart they are! Like wow! So similar! Thanks to them almost no one remembers the Snorks. They just gotta be insane.

Re: Negative Comments people make about the Snorks

The one reason why they compare the two is probably because the names Smurf and Snork sound catchy saying them together and that they originated in the same geographical area(think they did; Correct me if I'm wrong). But that has NOTHING to do with the cartoons themselves. The only way they would have been similar is if they looked alike, sounded alike, lived the same sorta life-style,etc. DUH!