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snorks t-shirt

hi can anyone tell me where i cna get a snorks t-shirt for my girlfriend ive checked ebay but they only have XL and i need probably a small or medium becuase she's quite petite.
so far my only option is to go to one of those make your own t-shirt places.

Re: snorks t-shirt

I tried going to one of those places for a Snorks T-shirt, but they wouldn't do it because it was a copyrighted image (or something like that).

I'd say keep looking; sometimes medium and small Snorks shirts do pop up. If all else fails, you could always buy T-shirt transfers and make your own (which is what I ended up doing).

Hope this helps!


Re: snorks t-shirt

hi go to 8tees .com its a web site that sells tee shirts from the 80s and they sell snorks tee shirts