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Wow! Brings back memory!

I remember watching "Snorks" on Cartoon Network back in...1997! I was still only a 2nd grader then.

Anyway, I somehow had the urge to look back into it, and surprised to see future Bart Simpson-voice artist in the series.

Also, I didn't realize Art Davis directed several "Snorks" episodes. In case you don't know, Art Davis directed many "Looney Tunes" for a short time, and also directed few "Pink Panther" and "Blue Racer" afterword.

Anyway, sure brings back memory.

Re: Wow! Brings back memory!

hi i remember to it was my second year of high school and my cable company had just added cartoon network to the towns cable line up oh those were the days when i could see the snorks but now since i don"t have boomerang i can't see it and it is very disapointing