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Where to watch snork episodes online

First, I just want to say, I am SO glad I found this place!

I've been trying to find all the episodes online, because I'm not allowed to download anything and you kind of have to be eighteen to order the dvd, so.
If anyone knows of a site (or several sites) where I could watch them, that would be great.(Please!)
Some of the ones I haven't seen are:
Battle of the Gadgets
Dr. Strangesnork's bomb
The Boo Lagoon
Jaws says the word
Summer and Snork
In Greed We trust
Rhyme and Punishment
I'll be Senior
And about a million others, mostly from seasons 3 and 4.

Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

Re: Where to watch snork episodes online

All of the season 3 episodes are on YouTube, as well as three of the season 4 episodes (Robosnork, Nightmare on Snork Street, and Snorkerella). If I were you, I'd hurry and watch those, because it's possible that they could soon be removed from the website due to copyright infringement. As for the other season 4 episodes, downloading's the best bet, but since you can't download, I have no other options. Maybe someone will post the remaining episodes on YouTube...?

Re: Where to watch snork episodes online

I'd already checked youtube, but that was awhile ago.
There weren't any season 4 episodes then...