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1958 1961 Memories

I know we all have some great memories from that era. Let's start with the Roosevelt Roads, PR runs in the winter. I can remember partying all night with some of the flight crews. We go back to the base, I hit the rack, they had to go fly.

I don't know why they ever let a rigger go on these trips. Thanks. How about our Key West trips. Going to the Boca Chica Bar on Stock Island. The windows were painted black. Many times when leaving, I opened the door and was blinded by the sun. Here's another one from the Malta Deployment.

The first night we landed in Ankara and partied all night, next night in Tehran, partied all night. The next day we landed in Karachi for a 30 day stay. Remember the parties at the Hotel Metropol? As a PR I had a hard job there also. I had to fill the oxygen when the a/c arrived, then again prior to departing for Malta.

The night before we, the ground crew, were to depart, our a/c fell off the stand and bent the wing spar. No fly no more. Myself and a couple of others were told to hitch hike back to Malta. That's another story in itself about the places we stopped on the way back to Malta.

VP-21 was be best duty I ever had during my Naval career. Let's here your stories. Jack