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VPB-106/111 Flight over Singapore June 1st, 1945

I am sure most have heard the story of the VPB-106 #3 Mears/111 #104 Heyler, Recon flight over Singapore on June 1st,1945. I am the Great Grand Nephew of Beauran O’Kane who was the tail Gunner on the Mears flight which went down with all hands.

I picked up my Father’s 28 years of research and we have had some amazing discoveries. The military file and 30 recon photo’s weren’t released until 12/31/2012. My researcher at NARA just sent me the high level scans last Friday 6/15/18. We located the crash location of this plane by using Google Earth and the incredible report written by the VPB-111 crew #104 and the pictures taken by Duffy Hayball, the volunteer photographer onboard.

I have been in contact with Project Recover in hopes they will look for the plane in the near future. I am the 3rd generation O’Kane to research this flight. I understand I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I hope that I can find someone that still knows this story.

I saw Victor Walters post in 2010 asking for pictures of the flight, but as it was 8 years ago. I pray he is still in good health but would be approx 95 in 2018.


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Re: VPB-106/111 Flight over Singapore June 1st, 1945

After contacting your organization, we have discovered both men have passed years ago. The O’Kane family are saddened by the passing of these great men. The courage and information these men have brought my family of this fateful day will never be forgotten.

The diligence and fortitude of this crew, under fire, has resulted in the discovery of the crash location of the plane 73 years later, down to the current GPS location. We will be forever grateful.
Godspeed Victor Walters and Ed Sruba. You will never be forgotten.