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Pests on plum trees

I have 2 plum trees on my place that I bought. They have been badly neglected as the place was abandoned for some years. I had to prune them because much of the trees were dead.

My Problem: They are badly infested with ants which have tunneled into the main trunk and it is dead on the side where their nest? is. How can I treat this to get rid of them without hurting the tree? It has already budded out all over on the branches that are left and that part looks healthy. But I'm concerned that the ants will kill the rest of the tree.

Any suggestions.


Re: Pests on plum trees


Ants are a bit difficult to get rid of but boiling water on the nest works well. When it's dry disturb the nest with a trowel and then scatter ant killing powder around the are. Check again in a months time and if they are still there do the same. Eventually the colony will die out.