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Where to Start?

I am seriously thinking about buying an existing Garden Centre (I wont say where). Up until now I have been a business man working in large multinational businesses - and I want to escape and run my own business - not a lifestylechange (for which I usually read work less) but to work just as hard (or even harder) than today but 100% for myself and my family

I know nothing about plants but luckily my wife does (a lot) but I do know about business

So I have 2 questions

1) Does anyone out there have a similar experience who can give me some advice

2) I would appreciate anyone who can tell me...

the three most important questions I should ask about the business that only a garden centre owner would think of asking

the three most important things a garden centre shoud have to be successful

the three biggest no-no's I should avoid if I take the plunge