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Moving a fuscia

hi all,

i am a garden 'virgin' so i am hoping someone may be able to offer some advice. my father recently passed away and there is a really nice fuscia in his garden, previous to this the plant was in my grandmothers garden so its getting on abit, but the plant is in very nice condition and for sentimental reasons my brother and i would like to transfer the plant to either another garden or preferably a large pot. i am assuming that its not the best time of year to be messing the plant about but if anyone has any advice on removing the plant from the garden and transfering it i would be very grateful.
many thanks andy

Re: Moving a fuscia


The best time to move your fuchsia is when it's dormant. A good dry day in December / January is best.

But to be sure, to be sure, why not take some cuttings now.If the move fails, then at least the cuttings will have succeeded and they will be part of the original plant. To take cuttings from fuchsias see this page:
The cutting process normally occurs in Spring but if you can overwinter the plants then now is also a good time.

Good luck.