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something is eating all our leaves on everything!

apologies if this is dumb question but we are new to gardening. Something is eating the leaves on all our plants including turnips, potatoes, mint, bay, rowan tree leaves -anything that has foliage really!
any ideas I've tried looking through the pest pages of the website but I don't know where to start because I only know what it looks like! we do have lots of butterflies in our garden and did have a caterpillar problem on the turnips last month - could that be the problem?

Re: something is eating all our leaves on everything!

Hi Pip
Just joined this forum and seen your unanswered(I think) post of 3 weeks ago.
Most species of caterpillar and other plant eating insect specialise on one or a few kinds of plant. Slugs and snails are general feeders on most vegetation, dead or alive, that is soft enough. As your damage is so widespread, I think mollusc damage is most likely. Of course you may have insect damage too on some plants, such as the turnip moth caterpillar on turnips and swedes.
Ian S