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Apple Trees

My 7 year old son grew an apple tree from a seed approx 2 years ago which he is extremely proud of as it now stands at 3ft tall. This year it has developed what looks to be silver leaf but I'm not sure that this disease affects apple trees. Please could someone advice? We have contemplated replacing it with one bought from a garden centre without him knowing!!

Re: Apple Trees

I haven't heard of silver leaf affecting apple trees, it affects mainly plum trees.

But here's the real truth. An apple tree form seed will almost certainly never produce edible fruit. Sad I know, but there are lots of reasons why this true. I ahve a page on this, it is here:


Deception is never a good idea but Father Christmas is one deception that has never harmed a kid. I think the same goes for your son's apple tree. But, take the secret to your grave if you do replace the tree with a garden centre bought one! Good luck.