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I have

(A)cucumber plants
(B) tomato plants
(C) Chilli Plants

Do any of these need to be self fertilised when grown in the greenhouse. I have what looks like small cucumbers with a flower at the end. These cucumbers are getting bigger and so i assume they do not need any fertilization. I cut off the male flowers fairly soon after they appeared.

The tomato plants have lots of yellow flowers on them but have been there for a number of weeks without any change. Do they need self fertilized some how or will they transform into tomatoes without any assistance?

My chilli plant is just beginning to produce flowers. Will i need to do anything?

Re: Pollination

Tomato flowers have both male and female parts on them When grown outside a greenhouse pollination occurs from both wind and insects, bees mainly. In a greenhouse, if the doors are kept closed you will have neither air movement nor insects to pollinate tomatoes.
Most people simply leave the greenhouse doors and vents open as often as they can and this lets in insects and allows movement of air. You can do it by hand but it's difficult because the flowers are so small. Normally the "open door" method is fine.

The same goes for chillis.

Re: Pollination

How do you know when tomato flowers have been pollinated and how long from pollination to tomato forming does it take?

Re: Pollination

You don't know until fruit starts to form. That should take around 2 weeks.