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First of all, a very happy and prosperous growing year to you all.

Now then, to facts. I am hearing conflicting stories about composting turf. I have usually composted turf by cutting it then lying it grass to grass and soil to soil, and its worked. I am at present, cutting it out of a bed in an allotment (you can't eat grass). Someone said to me to lie it grass down in the trench, and cover it over with soil and this will eventually compost in - is this ok or will I end up with grass growing through. Answers please asap

Re: Turf

That will do the job as long as the turf is predominantly just standard grass.

If it is couch gras, turning it over will not kill the couch grass unfortunatley

Re: Re: Turf

Its definitely lawn grass - actually very good quality - I wouldn't mind it in my lawn at home