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Dead Potato plants

Hi everyone i currently had been growing some spuds i used potatos which i put under the stairs to start growing the stems/roots etc.

all was fine and i had large green plants which started to flower and then they all died they turned black.The leaves/stems were black

now i have dug them up and there is nothing there no spuds etc.

i have grown spuds before in the same soil but i used seeding spuds but as u know they are out of season and i could get any so i did it the under the stairs route.

any ideas

Re: Dead Potato plants

Sounds like blight Russ.
There are several varieties that are resistant to blight and you can find these in the catalogues. I am growing mine with mychorrhizal fungi now because I think it helps to protect them a little from blight. Also spraying with Bordeux mixture seems to protect the tops a little.