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french beans

i've started to grow some french climbing beans which up until a few days ago were doing really well. Having read all the topics on french beans i seem to have put them in a good position and done all the right things, however, a couple of days ago the leaves further up the stem have started to shrivel and die back. do you know what is causing this?
I've been watering them regularly and have also put some horse manure around the base to provided a bit of food and to help retain the moisture. Help!!

Re: french beans

Sorry, I don't know what's wrong with the leaves, but first of all, is the horse manure fresh? This will "burn" your plants, and will be too strong. You put manure in the ground around November time, and dig it in and let it "mature" through the winter. I feed my beans with Tomatorite, or any general liquid fertiliser suitable for vegetables. Anyway, using manure only encourages weeds. Horses graze, eat grass seed and the manure carries the seed into your bed. One way of stopping that is put manure into canvas sacks, and dunk them in a bin of water, let it ferment for a few weeks, then pour the fertiliser over the plants.

Re: Re: french beans

many thanks, i'll take all the manure off and see how they fair.