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Re: Re: CATS


This is such a problem for many gardeners up and down the country!
We recently started a Yahoo support group to look at legal ways to keep other peoples cats out of your garden.
Additionally feelings ran so high that there is now a reasonable e-petition asking the UK government to make changes in the law.

Feel free to join.

So far ultrasonic devises have proved helpful in keeping the cats out here but not fool proof!

Regards Mike


Thanks Pauline, Dutchman and Mike,for reolying, I think my neighbours cat is very arogant,just sits and stares at me, just untill I get within touching distance, then he's off, will try the water pistol as I like thee idea of shooting him,( ha ha ) Have now begun putting his deposits back over the fence,as I have no use for it.

Re: Re: CATS

Hi Michael

Well I just put up some more netting on the fence, this really helps.
Its the soft stuff that you use for plant support/protection.
Cats seem to hate this as it just gives when they touch it so they can't get over it.
I attach bean canes to the fence post using strips of plastic, then string the netting between them.
Thread string throw the top of the netting and attach to the canes, this makes a nice tight top, then just clip the netting to the top of the fence.

There are some pictures of this on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CatControl/

Hope this helps


Re: Re: Re: CATS

I'm not bothered about cats (we have one, next but one has three and next to them one). Dogs are the bane of my life, Next door (on the other side) have four dogs, two b****y alsations (always barking), a Jack Russell which always comes into our garden to S***, and now another puppy. I tried to stop the Jack Russell by putting an electric rabbit fence up in the yard to stop him going through. At least the cats deter mice,rats, rabbits and make the Grey Squirrels wary.

We don't buy cats, they just turn and plead for bed and board (having been dumped in our cul-de-sac). The previous one used to stalk the Jack Russell, so he was very wary of her. I haven't yet managed to persuade the present one to take on this job.