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Greenhouse Heating

I have bought a smallish greenhouse quite recently and have tomatoes, sweet and chili peppers, and (although they seem to be dying slowly)cucumbers planted. Growth seems very much slower than I would expect and notice from my max/min thermometer that at night the temperature drops to 10oC. I suspect that this low temperature is too low. Can anyone please give me any advice?


Ernie Munton

Re: Greenhouse Heating

I too have a greenhouse. I do not have a heater. What I do however is that, during the day, if its going to be warm, I open the vents, but when I go in the evening to water the plants, and I know its going to be a bit chilly, I then shut the vents, rememberting to open them the next day. Toms and cukes (my US friend calls cucumbers "cukes") are fairly robust. However, I must admit I've not had a successful year with cukes - last year, my first time of growing them, they call came along and I got lots of them. Thats the way sometimes with plants!!