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my fuchsia needs help

I bought a Fuchsia this year, and it was doing great. When the weather got to warm for it outside I brought it in. However, I have been extremely busy, and it got way to dry, and it looks like it is dying, but there is tons of new growth at the base of the plant. Everytime I touch it the leaves fall off, and alot of them are turning yellow. I did get it watered good. My question is, how do I make sure it doesn't completely die? Any advice would be greatly apprecicated. Thank you.

Re: my fuchsia needs help

First, cut off all the dead and dying parts. Make sure it is watered so the soil is damp but not flooded.When it is growing strongly again start to feed it as normal. Good luck.


Re: Re: my fuchsia needs help

thank you for the advice,