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Grow House Condensation

Having just taken up gardening, we brought a Gardman 5 shelf grow house, which we have just put our first seeds in But we have noticed there is a lot of condensation forming on the inside during the night, is this normal or are we doing something wrong We close the door at night and are based in the south of England. Any tips gratefully recieved

Re: Grow House Condensation

Basically, you've got no air circulation. You need to leave the door slightly open - just a couple of inches will do. I have a greenhouse, and if I shut everything up, with no vents, mine does the same, so I have the window open and open the slats, which causes airflow.

Re: Re: Grow House Condensation

Thanks for the advice. I never thought of that but i suppose it's logical as that what happens if you have no ventalation in your house