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Non fruiting plum tree

I hope someone can help me. 5 years ago I was given a cutting of a plum tree (species unknown). I have never had a single flower, hence, no fruit. I pruned the tree at the end of last year and stuck some of the pruned pieces in the ground. One of them has actually flowered! Do I leave this in the ground hoping it will help the larger tree, or what do I do? The cherry and pear trees are doing nicely, but yet again this year, plenty of leaves, but no flowers on the plum tree. Where am I going wrong. Please help!

Re: Non fruiting plum tree

Hi Wanda, the problem here is almost the time that you are pruning the trees. Pyrus (Plums) and Prunus (Cherries) should never be pruned in the late autumn or winter. This is because they produce fruit on 'last year's' growth and also because they can easily contract a killer fungus that will enter plants in these genus'sduring the winter through open pruning cuts. Prune the cherries after fruiting and prune the plums in June time- but go lightly a piece every year to reduce the size of the canopy and be sure to open up the centre. Opening the centre will allow air flow and reduce the risk of fungal attack- to which they are VERy succeptible!

Jonathan Radford, Italy (google me)

Re: Re: Non fruiting plum tree

Thank you so much Jonathan for your reply and I understand what you are saying. So, now the next question is, do I prune again in June, or leave it until June 2009? Sorry if I sound a bit dim. Apparently this plum tree is the 'off-spring' of a tree that came from France over 60 years ago and was given to my great uncle. He then grew another tree from one of the plum 'stones' and my tree is a cutting of this! What do you think it's chances are?

Kind regards