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Wet Day Chat

Hi all

just thought i would say that it is raining in Fenland Cambridgeshire, first time this month,have just planted 6 Clematis ( various Montana's ) they should get a good start with the rain, am still battling with the ants, we have only lived here 8 months,seems as the whole cul-de-sac suffers from ants, bye for now, going to clean shed out. it's what I do on a wet day.

Re: Wet Day Chat

A neighbour (next door but one) has decided to have the clay soil covered with topsoil. Several very large lorry loads and a 14 tonne digger to handle it. Back garden done (more like a park - about 1/2 acre) they then started on the front garden (about 1/8 acre) and it started raining. Now the contractor has moved onto my next door neighbour's land to clear about two acres of tree roots. I wonder if anyone wants to make a film of Flanders 1914 to 1918, the mud will be there if nothing else. My next door neighbour is a civil engineering contractor, too busy at Peterborough to do it himself.