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Broad Beans

I planted my broad bean seeds in a deep tub, a potato growing tub, in October last year. The plants have grown well, look healthy and are now in flower. I've pinched out the tips so they start producing beans but no sign of anything as yet, even lower down where the flowers have dropped. As I've never grown broad beans before....am I being too impatient and when will beans start to appear? Thanks.

Re: Broad Beans

Hi Jane,

Probably a litle impatient I think. But here's a bit more information. If the Broad Beans have produced flowers then that's setp 1 complete.

What can go wrong is that the flowers have not been pollinated. There are two common causes of this. First there are no insects around to pollinate the flowers. This could be becuase you are growing the plants under cover and the inscets cannot get to the flowers.

The second common reasonm for lack of pollination is the conditions are too windy.Insects may be around but they do not visit flowers if the condions are too windy.

But my guess is that in a couple of weeks you will start to see those bean pods forming.



Re: Broad Beans

Thanks for your speedy reply. The beans are uncovered so let's hope pollination as gone ahead....I'll wait and watch!