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Re: Re: Cabbage seedling problems!


I use disposable plastic drinking cups and 3/4 fill with general purpose composting soil. 1 seed per tub. Water a little,frequently,keep in the green house. No problems. Have just planted out into their final postions.

Why use a seed tray then a pot and then into their final postion.

Least disturbance for any plant is better!!

I know you use more composting soil but it does get the results you want.

Hope this helps?



Re: Cabbage seedling problems!

Thanks for all your replys,I have planted some more seeds into cardboard toilet roll middles then I can plant them with no root disturbance at all as they will break down in the soil.
Thanks again Keith.

Re: Re: Cabbage seedling problems!

Be sure not to over water. We all have a tendancy to water too much. Summer sqaush and cucumbers damp off quickly also.