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Help! Am planting rhubarb for first time. I know I shouldn't pull the stems in the first year and should cut back the flowers as soon as they show. However, I don't know what to do at the end of the season - do I cut back the stems or let them die back?

Any other advice gratefully received!


Re: Rhubarb

Hi Grant,

At the end of the season the stems and leaves will shrivel up. Remove them and put them on the compost heap. If you leave the shrivelled stems and leaves around the rhubarb it will encourage disease.


Re: Re: Rhubarb

I've just taken over the other half of my allotment and with it came rhubarb. Its in the wrong place and I was told that you wait until winter, when you dig it up, and leave it lying on the surface as the frost attacks it and apparently makes the fruit that bit sweeter. At this stage, you can chop it, so that you make more plants or dig everything up at first, and move it to an appropriate site.

Hope this helps.

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Thank-you- exactly what we wanted to know1


Re: Rhubarb

thanks for asking for help with the rhubarb, i am in exactly the same position and i would like to thank those who responded to Grant as it certainly has sorted me out!!