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Re: Re: Tomato Plants and grow bags

In reply to your email (my reply could not be delivered to your address)

Adam Noel wrote:
> Thanks for the help about tomato plants. I have decided to bring them back inside the house onto a window sill. I have them in 10cm pots. They are about 10cm tall. Will this pot be okay at the moment. The variety is arctic and apparently it is a bushy variety. Will they need support? I have been giving them tomato fertiliser every three or four days. The leaves look like they are shriviling a bit. Any advice. The soil around the edges seems quite loose when will the roots bind the soil enough to lift the plant out? As you may have guessed i am a complete beginner. Do you know any good websites for beginners growing a variety of vegetables?

I would transplant them to as big pots as you have room for, if you have room for 10-12" pots then the flower buckets are the cheapest way to go. They will need plenty of light and will need to be kept around 40 to 50 degrees F. A little warmer than this is OK but light is important to stop them getting very spindly.

How about trying www.gardenerscorner.co.uk that's quite a good website.