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growing radishes

Hi everyone! I'm growing radishes for a chemistry project and I'm measuring how different amounts of water affects plant growth. I've had a hard time finding anywhere exactly how many inches of water per week to give them. All I've been able find is "constant moisture..plenty of watering" and anthing from once a week to twice a day. In my research paper I have to use concrete numbers when I say how much water I gave the plants, so that it is possible to repeat my experiment. What do you think is a good amount of water to give per week for radishes?
Thanks so much!

Re: growing radishes

I reckon there are too many variables to give any meaningful answer to this question, but maybe someone else can help. The variables I can think of are humidity, tempearture etc.

From enailing Gina, my understanding is that the radish is in a pot (what size of pot is another variable) indoors (?) in full sun.

Re: Re: growing radishes

Yes it is indoors in full sun. It's in a plastic 160z cup with 1inch cut off from the top, and filled with dirt almost to the top. The temperature varies between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenhiet. I'm not sure what the humidity is, but I don't think it's very hight since it's indoors and it's still pretty cool outside (40's). I never knew this was going to be so complicated.. :P

Re: growing radishes

Hi Gina,

Here's a complete guess, based on the information you've given. Don't blame me if it's wrong because the real answer is to water enough to keep the soil moist most of the time.

I guess you'd need to water the radish three times a week (because it's in full sun). You'll need to measure the amount of water. Pour water slowly on the pot when the compost is starting to dry out. When water starts to appear out of the holes at the bottom, then stop. That's how much one watering would take.