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I acquired an allotment last year. I started all my seedlings off in trays/pots and did very well. This year, however, my seedlings have been very slow to grow, and I've noticed that the top of the compost has a green type of algae. My seedlings have been slow to grow, but not too bad, but other people have said that they've lost most of their seedlings.

Can anyone tell me what has caused this, is there anything in the compost thats causing this?

Re: Compost


Algae grow in moist and light conditions so it may well be that there is too much water in the compost. I always water my seedlings by placing the tray in water, never watering from on top. That way the top remains relatively dry. I judge wether the seedlings need water by the weight of the tray.


Re: Re: Compost

Many thanks Dave. Much appreciated. I was wondering about this, because its happening to others on the allotment - I could understand if it was just me, but some of the other people have had their allotments for years!!!