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Re: Re: Any plum experts out there ?

Hi Dave
Thanks for the reply

I have no idea how that happened, the diameter of the non productive one is perhaps 80% of the fruiting one.It was the tallest of the two, until last year when we hard pruned the entire tree to see if that corrected the problem. In fact if it hadnt been pruned, due to the vigorous branching of the offending part it wouldn't have been easy to realise that the lack of blossom was limited to just the growth from the second trunk

Something that I did remember last night was that there was actually a further susbstantial branch coming off the non fruiting one very close to its base, it was growing out at an angle and had to be removed after it split off early last spring. If it had been growing upright there would have been 3 main trunks.It would have looked like it was being coppiced !

The non producing section is certainly vigourous in its foilage and branching habit. Some of the branches are literally covered end to end in new shooting foilage, the nodes that it is coming from being every inch or so, just no buds at all !
I don't know if the trees orientation would make any difference, the fruiting part is on the NE/E and the other part is SW/W,

The only other thought that a friend who was a head gardener at a local hospital (but not a fruit grower) suggested was that perhaps it was a family tree that was incorrectly labelled, but by now we would have expected some blossoming.

My knowledge of fruit trees is very limited, I am much more used to woodland management having worked as a countryside ranger for over 25 years so grafting etc isnt something I am fully conversant with !

Since it will be taking a lot of moisture it would appear that removing the offending part will be the best bet, but I hate having problems that I cant find an answer to !

Again thanks for looking at this for me !


Re: Any plum experts out there ?

Hi Wes,

Yes the idea that it was a family tree was a reasonable guess, but you are right, it would have floered by now. It seems very ulikely that the orientation of tree has the effect you describe.

It seems to me that somehow, I don't understand how, the rootstock has managed to sprout above the level of the graft. I haven't heard of this before, but your tree has all those symptoms.

It's your call, but if it were me I would saw off the offending trunk. After all, a normal plum tree has only one main trunk.

Remember to only do this when the plum tree is in full growth, early June is about right. If you do it when the tree is dormant it may well suffer from silver leaf.

Good luck.


Re: Re: Any plum experts out there ?

Thanks Dave I appreciate you taking your time to reply. As yoiu say it will be best to remove the useless bit as soon as safely possible At least then it may have more chance of success next year !

In some ways its a shame I cant use the offending trunk for a hedge its vegetation would be dense enough !

again thanks.. for help and a great website