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Re: container grown carrots


That's a fantastic system for growing carrots. Disabled or just plain lazy it sounds great!

Can I use your post on the GardenAction site?


Re: Re: container grown carrots

Certainly you can use it I think the sharing of ideas is one of the best things for sites like this !

I am always coming up with ideas using things like that. Another one if your interested is the use of small bins from places like poundstretcher.. I think they are 30 litre .. but they are ideal for growing new potatoes in. and at just a few quid each a lot cheaper than the potato barrels as well.

I have also been growing lots of toms indoors and outdoors in a ring culture variation. I mentioned in the carrot article about using the damp course material for ring culture pots that last for ever. I have been using them by standing them on a layer of gravel in a £1 washing up bowl. I drill a few small holes in the sides about 1" up from the base so if there is heavy rain they dont get flooded. The gravel has the advantage of keeping the slimy things at bay as well ! I have run a trickle watering system to them as well so that I just turn the tap on and they are all watered, but not too much because of the holes

I just like playing LOL, although the people in Poundstretcher think I have a plastic and tupperware fetish lol

I am also looking at using some of the damproof material as a temporary raised bed.. will let you know how it goes on :)


Re: Re: Re: container grown carrots

Those buckets from poundstretcher, yeah what good value, I bought those for my dwarf cucumbers last year, only when we were flooded I lost my plants, so I'm trying again this year.