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Re: Re: leggy seedlings

I now have more questions than answers?HA HA.
I will do some tests on the next batch of seeds to see if they grow better covered or uncovered.I have also thought the same as you on the cover issue,it seems to give the seedlings more chance of dampening off but being a novice I kept to the advice on the various seed packets.
Can you over water the seeds?.I keep mine in a tray of water that keeps the compost damp at all times is this a good or bad way of watering.
Thanks for your time

Re: leggy seedlings

Hi Keith,

I'd be very interested to hear the results of your tests, I hope you let us know.

Yes you can over water seedlings, if they are soaked in too much water the roots will not function correctly after a period of time. I would think that standing the pots / trays in water all the time would not be best for them. Let the compost start to dry out (but not completely) then water.

Good luck.