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Seed Propogator - Is it working too well??

Hi All,
I received a lovely heated seed propogator for Christmas and last weekend was the first time I've had a chance to try it out. What's REALLY concerning me is whether it's working too well? On Sunday 9th, I sewed Cosmos, Californian Poppys,Dwarf Sunflowers and Blue Salvia. ALL of them have started shooting! According to the seed packets they should take 14-21 days. Should I unplug it? I'm of course DELIGHTED that it's **working**, as I've read they can sometimes be a bit hit and miss.


Re: Seed Propogator - Is it working too well??

I suspect the seed packets may be listing times for sprouting if the seed were planted outdoors,or in an unheated soil. The unit obviously works very well! I would turn it off now the seeds have sprouted, but keep the seedlings in a warm area, until you are ready to harden them, prior to planting outdoors.