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greenhouse windows

I have the kind of aluminium greenhouse that is so widely known. It has one entrance door, but no opening windows or louvres etc, so trying to get a good air circulation can be difficult. It has the normal top over bottom panes of glass which are held in by clips, but what i want to know is...are there products on the market, ( or does anyone have any ideas as to how i can do it myself ) which will enable me to remove a pain of glass and put in its place an opening window or louvres. please remember these panes are only held in by clips, not by wooden frames. Your help would be appreciated.

Re: greenhouse windows

We have the same type of greenhouse and if you look in Argos (it was in last year's brochure) you can get a lourve window. If its in this year's my hubby is obtaining one

Re: Re: greenhouse windows

Hi Babstreefern,
thanks for your help, but i've searched the argos site and cant find anything,
I may have a look in B&Q to see if they know of any companies that do it.
If anyone else knows of any way i can change a pane of glass into an opening or louvre one, please feel free to let me know.
Have a good day folks.

Re: Re: Re: greenhouse windows