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Growing Onions

Hi. I'm new to growing onions and I'd like to know if I can use sweet onions purchased in the store which have sprouted? Can these be planted and will they grow onions I can use? Thank you for any help!

Re: Growing Onions

I haven't grown sweet onions before but a sweet onion is a sweet onion and it will not become the standard common onion just by planting it again. As I say, I haven't tried but that's my guess.

Re: Re: Growing Onions

Thank you! I wasn't even sure it would grow. As I said, I've never ever grown onions before!!! And as this is an onion that had leaves already on it in the store, I wasn't sure it would grow if planted. Thank you again. Have a good evening!

Re: Re: Re: Growing Onions

You would find that the onion that is sprouting in the store, would likely grow all mishapen if you planted it now. It is already a mature onion.

You would be able to get seeds, or depending on the onion type, small onion sets, when the plant matures, which you could then plant.