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Rasberry Canes

New to the internet and a complete novice at gardening so not sure what to put in "instant messenger" and "website" so hope my posting is correct.

I have just bought a pot of raspberry canes "malling Leo 5 canes" and looking at your site it says it says cut back once I have planted them. If I am understanding you right does that mean I will have to wait 2 years before I get fruit and not this year. If this is the case what fruit can I plant in order to get fruit this year? I only have a very small narrow garden. Any help much appreciated.

Re: Rasberry Canes

Your malling leo raspberries are summer fruiting variety and you are correct in your understanding and will have to wait till next year for fruit. If the canes are long you could leave them and see if they fruit - its a gamble. To get fruit this year try an autumn variety ie Autumn Bliss.

Prune Summer Fruiting canes immediately after harvest - do not cut out any new non fruiting canes.
Prune Autumn Fruiting canes in late winter.

Re: Re: Rasberry Canes - ALL FRUITS - THIS YEAR

Thank you very much for replying. I will try an Autumn variety as suggested.
Any suggestions on other plants that may fruit this year (I have just bought a Blueberry as told this would fruit).