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Novice question re laying lawn

Hi hope somebody can help me, I'm currently contemplating laying a lawn in our back garden early next spring. Never done this before so a little unsure re preparation. The area to be lawned is currently gravelled, prior to that it was a mixture of large koi pond and gravel areas (pond had to go when my son arrived last year). Because of this, under the gravel where the pond was is made up of rubble which was used to build the level up.
The first thing I need to know is how deep will the soil need to be and therefore how much of this rubble do I need to dig out?

Re: Novice question re laying lawn

I wouldn't dig a lot out if I were you. If you level the gravel out, then put, say a couple of inches of top soil (say about 2"), then lay your lawn, this will act as brilliant drainage. They use this sought of thing on camp-sites and you don't get any mud or anything else, you'll have a perfect lawn all the time.

Re: Re: Novice question re laying lawn

Fantastic! Thanks for the response, I thought I was going to have to dig out about 18 inches which was putting me off the more I thought about it.
Another thought..the gravel that's around where the pond was originally has a depth of about 4-5 inches which can be dug out easily, after that not so sure. Will it be ok to do the same with the topsoil over this?
Thanks again.

Re: Re: Re: Novice question re laying lawn

Should be no problem. Grass will grow anywhere. Its called "hard standing". When you think of all the cars, caravans, cycles, people, etc, that walk about on camp sites, well, it says it all, you don't come in covered in mud. The only thing is that may be, if you get a very hot dry spell, you may need to water it, but it doesn't matter, once grass takes root, it will grow back, even if it turns yellow.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Novice question re laying lawn

That's great thanks for your help.