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Planting Garlic

I live in Cocoa Beach Florida and would like to know if it is possible to grow garlic in containers.



Re: Planting Garlic

I planted garlic in both containers and in the ground and the container grown ones were not at all any good. Don't bother. My friend at work also grew her garlic in container and her's didn't grow well either.
If you can, grow them in the ground.

Re: Re: Planting Garlic

I agree, I planted garlic in pots last year and it was a waste of time. I'm trying them in the ground this year for the first time - so finger's crossed for better results!

Re: Re: Re: Planting Garlic

My Dad always told me to plant garlic during the full moon in October.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Planting Garlic

I was a bit late in getting my garlic and I've only just planted them. Whether the full moon has anything to do with good garlic I don't know, but you sure won't get any vampires visiting your veggie patch when they are growing!!!!