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Mint Problem (Rust?)...

I recently purchased a mint plant (peppermint I believe) at a grocery store. The plants at the store were all covered in plastic sacks (from the bottom of the pot to the highest stems) and all of them had discolored, yellow, wilting leaves near the base of the stems. Some of the plants had holes in the leaves, although I picked one out that had very little holes.
Thinking I could save the plant (due to its apparent lack of air / light), I decided to take it home. The woman working said the plant looked like it needed more water and told her coworker to water the others. Yet when I removed the plant from the pot at home, the soil was moist and the bottom of the pot had condensation.
So, I figured the plant had been watered too often. I removed the yellow leaves (from the bottom of the plant about half way up the stems) and any leaf that had the slightest hole... I watered the plant upon I transplanting it (to a pot at my window) It's only been about two days but I have the feeling that this process of yellow discoloration is climbing up the stem. Is this in fact, "mint rust?" and is the plant worth saving