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Re: potato problems

Hi Linda,

I'm having the same problems, I dug up one of my plants the other day (Desiree) and seemed to get a good yield.
Like you, some of the branches have fallen over and yellowed because of all the wind and rain.
I'm tempted to dig them all up but am being told it's best to leave them. Trouble is, I don't want them all to go rotten. I'm just praying for some proper summer sun!!

Re: Re: potato problems

Hi,David....well I gave in to temptation and did dig them all up,and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of the crop-given the weather we've had it was much better than I expected.
Anyhow, I've dug the bed over now and planted celeriac and greyhound cabbage for later in the year.My main concern now is my tomatoes which I have in a grow bag,they're growing but very slow to ripen,again,lack of sun!!! Flippin' weather!!

Re: Re: Re: potato problems

Hi Linda, I think I may do the same - the leaves on mine are now in a shocking state - I just hope I've got some spuds left underneath!

Re: Re: Re: Re: potato problems

Hi again, David, well mine were absolutely fine honestly...and very tasty... Tomatoes are now ripening slowly I'm happy to say...think I may get a greenhouse for next year.