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Tomato plant

I have a tomato plant outside in a pot it's got a lot of tomatoes growing but the leaves look ( droopy )i water the plant every day and feed it once a week but it doesn't make a difference.Any ideas....

Re: Tomato plant

George, You may be over watering. Tomatoes love deep watering but they also love good drainage and soil that almost dries out between watering. It may be to late now that the plant has started drooping sorry to say. The tomatoes you have may be ok but the plant may not be able to produce new flowers for new tomatoes. To much water will also have an effect on the taste. Let em dry out then water the heck out of em. Is your drain hole at the bottom of your container plugged?

Re: Re: Tomato plant

Thanks for your time its got lots of flowers so i.m going to stop watering it..

Re: Re: Re: Tomato plant

good answer, it could also be excessive nitrogen, go to once every two weeks on the feeding.